About us

Aviation iSolutions is a Swedish system development company based in Uppsala. Ivan Wästvind, who runs the company, has for more than 30 years developed IT system services specifically for companies operating at airports. There are few who have such a broad and deep understanding of the complexities of getting all the separate parts in place that also provide a good overall solution. The handpicked team behind Aviation iSolutions is unique and is at the forefront of developing applications and systems for operations (ground handling) at airports.
• Our ambition in Aviation iSolutions is to digitize and simplify flows/processes for your operations in the aviation industry.

We offer - system development
Our team has a long and unique knowledge in system development, web development and application development for companies operating at airports. We are a given partner to our customers to help them on their digital transformation, which results in streamlining their work by digitizing flows which minimizes manual work. This may, for example, concern system integrations and customized applications.
In the team, we mainly use GO (Golang), React, NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS in our development. We then produce the developed solutions in system environments such as Kubernetes, VS (Linux, MS) and databases in PostgreSQL or MsSQL, and object storage is on S3 in our data centers located in Sweden.

We offer - developed cloud services On our website, we describe our cloud services that companies today use as operational support for their operations.
• PRM/UM (launched quarter 1 2023)
• Deicing
• Billing
• Flight and resource planning
• Type B message

Our sister company VMAR hosting
VMAR offers hosting for our customers and also for our own developed cloud services that are operated in secure Swedish data centers where the systems are produced in e.g. Kubernetes, virtual Linux and Microsoft servers.
We are a little extra passionate about developing systems in GO (Golang) that provide good performance and are put into production quickly and supported in environments such as Kubernetes, Linux and MS.