PRM & UM operation

In Q1 2023, we will launch our new planning service that handles planning and reporting for assignments within PRM & UM.

In our service, the passenger can handle:
  • A passenger can order and view their services themselves via our web app.
  • See the status of your own order, e.g. that it is planned and an estimated time when an agent is expected to show up.
  • + more
In our service, the planner can handle e.g.:
  • Receive orders, this can be handled by, for example, an information service or the operational unit.
  • The tasks can have one or more activities which in turn can belong to different agents.
  • See your own resources (agents) and plan one or more agents for activities that belong to the respective task.
  • See where the activities are on Google maps map of the airport.
  • + more
In our service, the agent performing work can see in their web app:
  • Which tasks and activities the agent must carry out.
  • Update planned time for upcoming activities.
  • Report when the agent has started and finished the respective activity for the assignment.
  • + more