IT services for Ground Handling

IT services for Ground Handling supports ground handling companies and are mainly focusing on delivering e-services, maintenance of IT infrastructure and communications. Our e-services supports the production processes performed by the ground handling companies.

The services we offer are FAS, IT-Operation Service, Amadeus Altea Management Service and IT-Purchasing Service.

Flight Assignment Service

Flight Assignment Service is an e-service based on our Flight Assignment System whose main task is the planning and administration of tasks and activities based on flights. Price calculation, billing and duty roster are functional areas included in FAS. Reporting and information exchange with external systems are also parts of the services FAS deliver.

IT-Operation Service

Our IT Operation Service help you to keep your technical IT environment up and running. We manage your IT environment within the range of technical devices and units. We keep track of your technical devices and units by monitoring and scheduled maintenance. You will also get direct access to our Service Desk/Customer Support within this service.

Amadeus Altea Management Service

We offer a special service for flight and ground service companies that use the Amadeus Altea system. We manage installation, maintenance and support for the Amadeus Altea installation. We offer communication solutions to Amadeus. A communication solution we monitor 24x7/365.

IT-Purchasing Service

Our IT-Purchasing Service helps you achieve the right technical units for the right place and price. Computers and other technical units that are used at airports requires certain properties such as size, power consumption, number of connection- ports, etc. We help you with the purchase so that the right things are purchased.